We offer our expertise as a German based specialist company in computational design and robotic fabrication of unique filament structures.


Our novel methods harness the performative and aesthetic qualities of articulated fiber composite structures.


We love to explore how our cutting edge technology can serve as a design driver for a novel repertoire in design and construction of exquisite objects and highly performative structures.

Building Components

Why Filament Structures?

- Strong & robust

- Ressource efficient

- Light & Modular

- Expressive & recognizable

- Integrated functions

- Customizable


Our Expertise

- Design Assist and Concept Development

- Robotic Fabrication

- Construction and Installation Services


Our Materials

Explore our wide range of materials  with unique structural properties and expressive characteristics

Based on Natures Most Efficient Construction Principles

Fibrous light weight structures

in nature and technology

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From Academia to Practice

Our work is based on six years of research at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) and the Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) at the University of Stuttgart, where parts of our team conducted scientific research leading to a series of demonstrator constructions which showcase the architectural potential of novel fiber composite lightweight structures and their simultaneous building cultural and technological advancements.

© ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart


Executive Board

Moritz Dörstelmann

Managing Partner

Philipp Essers

Managing Partner

Ondrej Kyjanek

Head of Technology



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Executive Board
Moritz Dörstelmann
Philipp Essers

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